Traffic calming recommended to stay on Harold Street

Smiths Falls town hall.
Posted on: June 20, 2018

Sally Smith

It’s been almost a year since the Town passed a By-Law recommending traffic calming measures on Harold Street — removal of centre yellow line, two speed humps and new crosswalk and all-way stop at Harold and Ferrara Drive. At Committee of the Whole on Monday, Troy Dunlop, Director of Public Works and Utilities, reported that the measures “seem to be working.” There were some challenges, he acknowledged, saying that some drivers even drove up on the sidewalk to get around the speed bumps. He explained that, with further consultation, vertical bollards were placed at the end of the bumps preventing cars from sidewalk jumping.

For a week in mid-May 2016, 24.8 vehicles were caught speeding down the street; for a week in mid-may 2018 (after traffic calming measures were put in place), 1.74 vehicles were caught speeding. The average speed in May 2016 was 45.4 km/hr; the average speed in May 2018 was 35.9 km/hr.

The measures “are doing what they’re supposed to do,” said Dunlop.

He recommended that traffic calming measures on Harold Street remain in place, and that traffic counts would be collected again in the fall of 2018 with a street review on an annual basis.