Transportation master plan gets go-ahead from Perth CoW

Posted on: September 14, 2017

Sally Smith

With little discussion, Perth Committee of the Whole unanimously passed Perth’s transportation master plan. The plan was initially presented in June.

Mayor Fenik commented that although the plan was accepted as a complete document, if the chance arose and money became available, “we could move around within the plan” and work on various projects at various times. “There are deliverables for each [part of the plan], but they’re not set in stone.”

Eric Cosens, director of development and protective services, explained to Councillor Judy Brown that the plan will be approved through the budget process. Councillor Riq Turner asked if any alternative modes of transportation will be discussed in the future for the Town of Perth to meet the needs of seniors.

Cosens said they were always on the lookout for grants to help develop transportation avenues for seniors. A lively, tongue-in-cheek discussion of the ownership of the strip of Highway 7 at the top end of Perth ensued; certainly it would be nice to own it but it would cost ‘billions’ to maintain it, so the province can keep it.
In conclusion, Cosens said “this is a living document, a snapshot of 2015/2016; it can be modified.”