Turbulent flight for Roy Brown statue in Carleton Place

Todd Boyce is leading the project to build a statue of Roy Brown in Carleton Place to commemorate the centennial of the end of the First World War as well as the battle between Roy Brown and the Red Baron. Photo: Harrison Field
Posted on: September 20, 2017

Harrison Field


Carleton Place’s Roy Brown Society has a big job ahead of them, raising the necessary funds for the Roy Brown statue, but that just became easier with funds from the town budget for murals being reallocated for part of the statue funding.

The planned statue was a point of contention during the Sept. 19 corporate services committee meeting, with Mayor Louis Antonakas opposing the funding plans for the proposed statue. “I didn’t support it two weeks ago, I cannot support it now,” he said.

The statue issue arrived before council once again to clarify how and when the $12,500 from the town will be received by the Roy Brown Society.

“This is not the town’s project, this is the Roy Brown Society’s project,” said Councillor Theresa Fritz.

The Roy Brown Society wants to build a seven-foot-tall statue of the First World War pilot Captain Roy Brown accompanied by a propeller and a stone. The statue would not only be a dedication to Roy Brown, but to all of the First World War pilots from Carleton Place.

Todd Boyce, a volunteer from the community, has experience with iconic statues, having created the statue in memory of Jeffrey Baldwin located in Greenwood Park, Toronto.

“I think the Roy Brown Society is going to spend it well,” said Councillor Doug Black.
The Roy Brown Society hopes that this will create interest behind the story of Roy Brown and the other 23 pilots from Carleton Place that took part in the war.