Tweed outdoor party a hit, despite the rain

Pankow and Family
Posted on: August 24, 2016

By Sally Smith

Rain didn’t deter anyone.

Families arrived with chairs and umbrellas, and set up in front of the stage. People of all ages dropped in to the Tweed lawn party on Sunday, Aug. 14. Authorized medical users were shown to their own private area (at a distance from other guests), and when the show did start (a little late because of a malfunctioning amplifier), it was a blast.

Tweed chose Sunday afternoon to thank its customers with headliners BlakDenim, The Balconies and Joel Plaskett Emergency. Bruce’s Babies opened with some original songs. The mood was happy, the music was loud, and a 5 o’clock downpour just enhanced the experience.

Food vendors did a brisk business, an under-tarp eating area encouraged showgoers to sit and munch, blue cotton candy caught kids’ attention, and Tweed T-shirts were on sale during the four-hour shindig.

The free event was a thank-you to the community of Smiths Falls for the the support it has given Tweed, a licensed marijuana producer, which took over the former Hershey’s Chocolate Factory space in 2014.

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