Victoria Basin construction faces slight delay

Photos courtesy of Parks Canada.
Posted on: April 10, 2018

Janelle Labelle

Construction crews have been busy repairing the Victoria Basin in Smiths Falls this spring. Parks Canada’s contractors have been restoring the sea walls in the Victoria Basin, ahead of the construction of a new dock system along the south wall. Their work has been slowed down, “complicated by the break in a water main,” explained Art Manhire, Director of Community Services in Smiths Falls.

In order to restore the sea walls, crews have been digging behind the walls and reinforcing them, then filling them back in. The south wall was removed and will be replaced with a new wall, along with a new dock system.

Parks Canada’s construction work in the Victoria Basin has been slightly delayed by an unexpected break in one of the town’s three water mains. The break happened on March 12, and repairs are still underway.

It took two weeks to find exactly where the water main was broken, to determine what the damage was, and formulate a plan to fix it. “We are satisfied that the repair is progressing well,” noted Troy Dunlop, Director of Public Works and Utilities in Smiths Falls. The town called on Ottawa Greenbelt Construction, experts in municipal sewer and water mains, to help assess the problem. This particular pipe was laid in 1964, a metal pipe with a concrete sleeve, and needed significant work. The broken segment was removed, and a new pipe has been welded in. Public Works expects the construction phase of repairs to be completed by Wednesday, April 4.

Following the restoration of the broken water main, the pipe will be purged, disinfected, and tested. Dunlop expects the restored and treated water main to be fully functioning again by May.

Parks Canada’s work in the basin is expected to take five more weeks.

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