Volunteer committee membership confirmed

Carleton Place town hall.
Photo credit: carletonplace.ca
Posted on: September 25, 2019

After discussing possible changes to the membership terms on the town’s various advisory committees over several weeks, town councilors finally decided on a revision to send to the next full council session for ratification. Going forward members of these groups, such as the accessibility and drug strategy committees for example, shall be in good standing until the end of this council’s term in 2022.  At that time they will be given the opportunity to renew their commitment and membership if they so desire.  The reasoning behind this according to various councilors was to entice new membership on a regular basis to take advantage of new ideas and fresh talent.  Councilor Theresa Fritz took the time to clear up the misconception that this move was being proposed to remove certain committee members.  She stated that “something was lost in the translation” and that it was never council’s intention to bar volunteers from giving back to their community through committee service.

Article by Brian Turner