Young hockey players had an enjoyable evening with the Smiths Falls Bears

Posted on: December 4, 2018

Chris Uhlig

Last night, a group of young hockey players in Smiths Falls had an enjoyable evening of pizza , gifts and a chance to meet the town’s CCHL Jr. A hockey team, The Smiths Falls Bears.

The evening was arranged by Midway Sports and Trophies Inc (the team sponsor) in partnership with the Jr. A organization.

The entire organization welcomed the young players into their room, exchanged high fives, and posed for pictures. Head Coach/GM, Alex Armstrong, spoke to these young players and offered many encouraging words before taking additional time to give a full tour of the team’s facilities.
The young players were in the stands for the game and although the final score was not in favour of their team, these kids cheered, danced and congratulated the team on their effort. This night wasn’t about the final score…it was about the lasting memories for the two teams. It was about bringing together young hockey players with players they can look up to.

The majority of players on the Jr. A team come from out of town, something seen on teams of this calibre. The players are here to chase their dreams and their families rely on the team to take care of them. 

We, as a community, need to support all of our hockey players. Whether it is a group of five year olds learning the game or a group of teenagers playing Jr. A hockey we need to support them.

All hockey players deserve to be supported no matter what level they play…get out to your local arenas and CHEER on your teams.

Not a terrible a performance this past Friday but the 0-4 loss made it clear that the Ottawa Junior Senators lead the Bears in a merry dance. The teams last win on home ice goes back to November 6th. The first score by the Juniors Sens happened at 14:58 in the first period, shot by Christopher Piche. David Toppa flung the next puck into the Bear's net at 9:51 in the second period. The third period didn't offer any opportunities for the Bears to turn fortunes around either. At 16:10, Ethan Manderville scored the third goal for Ottawa and shortly after at 16:57 Elie Boulerice drove the fourth puck in to the net. Elie Boulderice (OJS) was awarded the First Star of the game, his teammate Francis Boisvert, the Second Star, and Third Star went to the Bears Theo Todd.