Two Guys for Lunch in Smiths Falls

Brian Turner Over my time in retail business I’ve attended more than my share of educational seminars (what’s this got to do with a restaurant review?), read on.  One point that always seems to mystify supposed expert business owners/operators, is understanding the true definition of their operation, their mission so to speak.  Some will learn […]

Beer, Wine & Spirits: Sperling and Gamble Wines

Brian Preston Canadians Peter Gamble and Ann Sperling are more than your average ‘flying winemakers,’ they’re also a super-duo of our local wine scene. Wine Access magazine has referred to them as “the power couple of Canadian winemaking.” They both have a great respect for viticulture and distinctive terroirs, and they like to spend […]

Non-alcoholic beer: lots of flavour without the booze

Brian Preston The Travelling Sommelier In my October column, I talked about dealcoholized wine and described a couple of the methods used to extract alcohol from wine. These same methods apply to beer. Non-alcoholic beer (or NA beer, as it’s sometimes called) starts its life as a normal beer. In fact it goes through […]

Cooking classes are bringing a taste of Italy to Smiths Falls

Chris Must No one knows more about how to live la dolce vita than the people of Italy. Paola Scatozza, a native of the Abruzzo region of Italy who also lived in Belgium before coming to Canada with her husband Fernando, has been bringing a taste of Italy – and “the sweet life” – […]

Smith and Barrel not your ordinary pub, not by a long shot

Brian Turner When you head out with friends and family for a Friday night, work-week’s-done celebration, a local pub is a natural choice. You know you can find your favourite libation, an energetic, friendly crowd, and even some passable fare. But seldom do you expect hand-crafted fine cuisine to go along with your suds and […]

The flavours of fall

Shannon Miller Millers Bay Farm Aren’t you glad we live in Canada!  There are so many reasons, but one of our favourites is the changing seasons.  That’s not only due to the fact that this business is a seasonal one, although we’re not going to lie — that definitely a big one. The happy thought […]