Lights out in the den: Bears devour Canadians to claim playoff berth

Smiths Falls Bears vs. Carleton Canadians March 29, 2024.
Photo credit: Chris Uhlig.
Posted on: April 1, 2024

Did you see it? Did you hear it? Did you, did you? Well with 814 spectators watching in the benches of the den Friday night, it’s very much likely that you already know about the 6:2 win of the Bears over the Canadians and their advancement to the next round in the playoffs.

Lucas Culhane scored the lone goal of the first period unassisted at 12:38.

But then the Bears cranked up the heat all the way during the second period. First dibs went to Kyle Dagg scoring at 7:27, assisted by Kyle James and Tyson Parker. Quinn Booth followed suit at 8:39, assisted by Owen Watson and Hunter O’Brian this time. Owen Watson then got a chance himself to send the puck into the Canadians net at 11:39, helped by Quinn Booth and Hunter O’Brian again. Carleton Place then decided to switch goalie Ian Vandenberg for Aidan Feddema, hoping that he might have better luck that night. But Quinn Booth sure was a busy boy that night and catapulted the next puck past CP’s goalie at 14:12, with the assists credited to Kyle James and Matthew Dimaline. Not wanting to be outdone, Owen Watson also managed his second score of the night at 19:12, assisted by Jackson Heron and Cameron O’Connell.

Carleton Place finally got some small relief during the last period with two goals by Will Soloway at 2:57 and 4:06 respectively. Both goals arrived during a power play advantage, which should once again drive the point for the Bears home that sitting on the penalty bench won’t do them any good and their next opponents will for sure know this weak point as well.

The Bears took home the 6:2 win over the Canadians and have now advanced to the round in the playoffs. After the game both teams shook hands.

First Star went to Quinn Booth for two goals and one assist, Second Star got awarded to Owen Watson for a similar feat, and Will Soloway earned Third Star for his two goals for the Canadians.

Smiths Falls outshot Carleton Place 32 to 21, not too much of a surprise for most watchers.

Let’s go to Bears!

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