Blakeney Bridge in Mississippi Mills sees $420,000 shortfall

Perth council’s committee now in favour of selling Perthmore corridor to adjacent property owners. Photo credit: Laurie Weir.
Posted on: May 10, 2024

Lanark County awards the bridge tender to Looby Builders


A $420,000 budget shortfall for the replacement of Blakeney Bridge in the Municipality of Mississippi Mills was attributed to inflation and complexities with the challenges of accessing the islands during the removal of the structures and installing new concrete footings and abutments. 

The $3,059,558.21 winning bid went to Looby Builders (Dublin) Inc. as Lanark County council heard on May 8 during a regular meeting. Three bids were received by the county, including from Thomas Fuller Construction at $3.282 million, and from GIP Paving Inc., at $3.879 million.

The approved budget for this project is $4.03 million, which includes $3.85 million from PW Capital Budget and $180,000 from Mississippi Mills. Expenditures are $1.34 million, which includes the bridge at $1.26M, a 2024 detailed design at $35,000 and contract administration and quality assurance testing at $40,000. 

Sean Derouin, public works manager at the county, said unpredictable weather conditions, and a highly vulnerable location of the project also made it difficult to estimate the “dewatering and environmental protection costs.” He said inflation also played a factor. 

The impact to the municipality will see the county request from Mississippi Mills to prorate their contribution based on the final numbers, to $200,000. 

The use of prefabricated modular bridges optimizes the efficient use of construction materials, minimizes waste generation, provides for shorter construction time and road closures and reduces disturbances to the local environment, Derouin said. 

He also recommended using any 2024 budget surplus to cover the bridge budget deficit and if not enough, to take the remainder from the department’s surplus and or reserves as required reserves. 

Coun. Krista Lowry (Mayor Mississippi Mills) said she couldn’t speak to the extra $20,000 in funding from her municipality as it hasn’t appeared on their agenda yet. It will be up for discussion at their next meeting, she said. 

Council unanimously supported the recommendations. Work on the bridge will begin “as soon as possible.”

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