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Community Housing Initiative Perth (CHIP)
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Posted on: February 14, 2024

Town’s ‘Request for Proposals’ to be aimed at creating Affordable Housing


(Perth) New motions passed by Perth’s Town Council have made the Community Housing  Initiative Perth (CHIP) increasingly optimistic about its plan to create a 10-unit Affordable  Housing structure on town land at 63 Halton Street. The new motions passed by Council on  January 30th amend the Strategic Plan so the Town can designate appropriate surplus lands to  be used to establish Affordable Housing, within the limitations of the Municipal Act of Ontario. 

While CHIP was previously concerned that a ‘Request For Proposals’ (RFP) for the site might  allow for conventional housing by developers, Council has now directed that proposals be  based solely on the creation of Affordable Housing. The Town’s RFP will offer the land to  interested parties at a nominal cost of $1.00 (one dollar).  

Motions specifically targeted for Affordable Housing 

Council has stipulated that proposals will be evaluated based on the number of affordable  housing units being proposed, timelines for construction, previous experience of proponents,  and proof of financial capacity to complete the proposed project. Proposals must also  stipulate that rental costs will be at or below the defined Affordable Housing rates as set out by  Lanark County, and that the units will remain as Affordable Housing for a least 30 years. While  the Town will provide the land, Council said it wasn’t in a position to waive property taxes,  permit fees, development charges or infrastructure funding. 

CHIP Co-Chair David Kroetsch is elated by the new motions and says the RFP rules align  positively with CHIP’s proposal. Kroetsch adds, “We are extremely pleased that Council has  made this bold commitment to Affordable Housing in Perth. This support is desperately  needed so that the community can now move ahead to create secure housing for marginalized  residents, as has been done in Mississippi Mills and Smiths Falls.” 

CHIP ready with a RFP Proposal 

Co-Chair Reverend Ken Davis says CHIP will be ready to respond with a proposal when the  Halton Street RFP is released. Reverend Davis says, “We’ve been working to this moment for a number of years. We’ve established a solid partnership with Carebridge Community Support,  a non-profit Affordable Housing provider that has completed similar projects in the County.”

Funding Available from Lanark County 

Reverend Davis states, “If the RFP process moves along quickly, we could be in line for funding  from Lanark County, who have also been very supportive of our plan. The County’s Family &  Social Services Department would be the one to determine eligible tenants from their waiting  list for affordable ‘Rent Geared To Income’ housing. Over 300 people are on that list from the  Town of Perth alone, so you can certainly see the incredible need for a project like this. Our  proposal will also include support for these tenants after they move, in the form of advocacy  assistance from other community groups and agencies as needed.” 

Local architects have also helped create conceptual drawings for the project. Reverend Davis  says, “The design for the 10-unit building we’re proposing has been shaped by input from our  meeting with neighbours of the site last May. After their input, we were moved to rework our  plans for 10 units that would require fewer parking spaces with the lowest possible  environmental impact. The layout would also provide attractive mutual greenspaces,  improved drainage and a design that fits well with surrounding properties and buildings – most  like 2-story single lot homes.” 

CHIP’s design for the building would provide 1 and 2-bedroom units and accessible units for single tenants, seniors and families.

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