Community groups offer welcome, add “rich vitality” to Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls Welcomes Ukraine
Left to Right: Beth Hill, Wendy Alford, Julia Hill, Chris Williamson, Mary Lynn Dales, Nathalie Desrosiers, Helen Petersen, Linda McKenna, Darlene Webber Crawford, Mark Czubak Photo credit: Smiths Falls Welcomes Ukraine -
Posted on: February 22, 2023

During Tuesday evening’s Committee of the Whole meeting in Smiths Falls, Mayor Shawn Pankow took a moment to acknowledge this week as the one-year anniversary of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“February 24 is the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of a sovereign Ukraine,” the mayor said, “As of this point, we’ve seen about 8 million people displaced. Such incredible devastation and loss of life.”

A local volunteer group called Smiths Falls Welcomes Ukraine has come together and welcomed 8+ families into our town. 

“I’ve met them and heard their stories, and they continue to be part of our community. I hope that their future dreams come true, whether that’s the opportunity to return to Ukraine at some point, or, for those who wish to make Smiths Falls their permanent home, we’d love to have them here.”

“I want to give recognition in support of the great work this group has done, and how pleased we are to welcome these Ukrainians to be part of our community.”

Community groups continued to be acknowledged throughout the meeting, with the disbursement of the 2023 Municipal Grants.

Councilor Peter McKenna commented, “These groups and many more are what makes this such a special place to live and work. Most of these organizations are volunteer-driven, and they add rich vitality to what already is a wonderful place to live. I’m really pleased to see them receiving these grants.”

The following groups were successful grant applicants:

Rideau Paddlefest / Roundtable: $3,820
Horticultural Society: $600
Rideau Environmental Action League: $7,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County $30,000
Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario: $26,000
The Table Community Food Centre: $30,000
Rise at the Falls Car Club: $750
Smiths Falls and District Chamber of Commerce: $5,000

Article by Janelle Labelle

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