Construction on pause for Catherine, Oak streets

Catherine Street (red line) and Oak Street (blue line).
Posted on: November 29, 2023

During the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday night in Smiths Falls, Director of Public Works and Utilities Paul McMunn shared an update on the ongoing construction project on Catherine Street. 

“That project is coming to a wrap this fall. I expect that by the end of the month, the contractor will be beginning to demobilize,” McMunn explained.

“We’ve installed base course asphalt,” he said, “which is the first list of asphalt. That’s how it will stay for the balance of the winter. In the spring, we’ll be doing the surface course asphalt.” Also, spring 2024 will see landscaping work completed, such as the laying of sod. 

Mayor Pankow asked how long the work is expected to go on into the spring, and when it will take place. 

“At most, it will take a couple of weeks,” Director McMunn replied. “They expect to pave both Oak Street and Catherine Street in two days. The landscaping will be happening concurrently while that is going on, as soon as they can secure sod.”

Article by Janelle Labelle.

Janelle Labelle
Author: Janelle Labelle