County committee reviews climate action progress

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Posted on: May 26, 2022

At Wednesday, May 25th’s Public Works Committee meeting for Lanark County council, Michelle Vala, the County’s Climate Environmental Coordinator provided an update on climate action plans and activities.

Her report outlined the guiding principles which included eliminating fossil fuel use, maximizing energy efficiencies, reducing waste, creating a climate-conscious culture and community, increasing funding, awareness and education, and sequestering carbon and protecting natural resources.

For each principle a set of actions was listed along with estimations of their potential benefits, costs, approximate time-frames, expected greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, and efforts required. For example the proposed action of partnering with Lanark Transportation Association to electrify their fleet would bring the benefit of reducing fossil fuel use within a short-term time-frame with the outcome of reducing GHG. Priorities were listed for both the community at large and the County’s own operations.

The report was well received by councillors with the recent storm aftermath in mind setting a good example of what can happen without climate-change initiatives. The public works committee will work with the County’s climate action committee on tackling the actions. The complete report is available on the County’s website at

Article by Brian Turner

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