Fire Master Plan proposed for Perth

Terry Gervais
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Posted on: February 24, 2021

Terry Gervais of The Loomex Group presented council with a proposal for a Fire Master Plan for Perth during Tuesday night’s council meeting. 

He pointed out that a Fire Master Plan would ensure that Perth is compliant with the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, would provide council and the Fire Chief with a vision and expectations so proper budgeting can be put in place, ensure that resources are used in the most efficient way, and prepare for Emergency Management. 

The Loomex Group proposes to obtain intensive feedback from Perth firefighters in groups (while maintaining social distancing and being compliant with Covid-19 restrictions), individually, and in writing. “Sometimes individual voices get lost in a group,” Gervais explained, “written surveys help us hear those quiet voices.”

Perth Fire Chief Trevor Choffe said that “it’s been a pleasure working with Terry so far; I’m excited for the next steps and the engagement sessions.”

Councillor Judy Brown pointed out Perth’s unique situation, noting that Perth and Drummond / North Elmsley have two fire services and two fire houses a couple of kilometers apart. “Are you looking at Perth’s department, or are you looking at how we might interact with the township’s fire department and how we might work together as well?” she inquired.  Gervais replied that part of their review to create the Fire Master Plan will include what resources and services can be shared among local departments.

Mayor Fenik thanked Gervais for his proposal.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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