Health Unit and Farmers’ Markets are working together to safely bring local food to the community

The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark strongly supports local Farmers’ Markets. They encourage people to buy healthy local food, and are a way for farmers to sell their produce.  They have also been a social gathering place which supports individual and community well-being.  Unfortunately at this time, with COVID-19, where social gatherings used to be a […]

Lanark County Sip & Savour Trail enjoys sweet taste of success, sets plans for 2020

A new food and drink trail featuring Lanark County’s many diverse culinary offerings has enjoyed the sweet taste of success since its initial launch by the Lanark County Tourism Association (LCTA) last July. The Sip & Savour Trail is a one-stop-shop resource designed to help foodies explore the region’s diverse food and drink offerings, including […]

Let’s Eat: Pitmaster; Smoke fans rejoice

I doubt if even Wes Parsons, owner of Pitmaster, one of Carleton Place’s newest meal purveyors, could have predicted the overwhelming response to his custom meat smoker’s output when he opened earlier this year.  It’s an omission made even more notable when you consider Wes’ history in the food biz and his never-ending attention to […]

Beer, Wine & Spirits: Grenache/Garnacha

This month I thought I would break the seasonal rules and write about one of the oldest and most widely planted grapes that many don’t realize is found in many wines from many countries. In France it is called Grenache; in Spain, Garnacha. When you drink wine blends from Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf du […]

Joe’s Italian Kitchen in Almonte; Forget everything you know about pizza

Almonte’s newest Italian dining spot, Joe’s Italian Kitchen has been packing them in since opening this past summer. It’s located at the bottom of Mill Street in the lower level of the beautifully restored Heritage Mill building at number 7; when you learn the story behind Joe’s, you won’t be surprised.  Joe’s is the latest […]

Great match: Bordeaux with stuffed Christmas turkey

In September, we toured the wineries and distilleries of Bordeaux. In last month’s edition I talked about the luscious sweet wines of Sauternes in the Sauternais region of Bordeaux located south of Bordeaux near the town of Langon on the Garonne river. Our excursion  took us about an hour east of Bordeaux on the Right […]