‘Nurturing affordable living’: Housing co-op launches fundraising campaign for affordable housing feasibility study in Lanark County

Help build Linden Co-op
Building a housing co-operative near Perth is the goal of the Linden Housing Development Co-operative. To do that, a feasibility study is needed, and a fundraising campaign will start on Feb. 7 to help pay the fee. Photo credit: Steve Welchner.
Posted on: February 1, 2024

The focus is on sustainability, affordability, and member empowerment


A housing cooperative will launch a GoFundMe campaign Feb. 7 for an eco-friendly, affordable housing co-op in Lanark County. 

Funds from the campaign will be used to undertake a feasibility study for lands owned by the county near Perth to transform the property into an 80-unit co-operative housing complex.

“Environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with affordability. Like all co-ops, it will foster a sense of community and empowerment, where residents are active participants in shaping their living space,” the GoFundMe campaign promotes. 

The campaign’s goal is $60,000.

“This project isn’t just about building homes; it’s about nurturing an affordable living environment while creating strong community bonds.”

Linden Housing Development Co-operative (LHDC) needs a feasibility study to move forward with plans to build this affordable housing complex. 

“This campaign is key to establishing a not-for-profit, eco-conscious, affordable housing co-operative,” a press release from the LHDC states. 

This fundraising campaign aims to pay for the feasibility study, a prerequisite to accessing federal grants for building the co-op. 

“Linden Co-op’s approach combines affordability with environmental consciousness, addressing both the housing crisis and ecological concerns in rural settings.”

Steven Welchner is the chair of LDHC. 

“Our project aims to transform (the property) into a thriving, affordable, eco-conscious housing co-operative. To achieve this, a crucial feasibility study is required – the first step in securing funding and turning our plans into action. This study is pivotal for us to qualify for significant grants and loans under the federal Co-operative Housing Development Program,” he said. 

The goal is to create a model of affordable housing that also honors their commitment to the environment. 

“We’ve partnered with Cahdco, experts in managing social housing projects, to guide us through this critical phase,” the GoFundMe campaign states. “Your support through our GoFundMe campaign is more than a generous donation; it’s a foundational investment in the future of our community.

“This project is a testament to what we can achieve as a community when we focus on sustainability, affordability, and member empowerment.”

Housing co-operatives are unique, empowering their members through participatory governance and collective decision-making, according to the release. “This model not only provides affordable housing, but also fosters a strong community spirit and a sense of belonging among its members.”

Limited seating is available for this RSVP only event. If you would like to attend, please email info@lindencoop.ca. The GoFundMe campaign officially starts Wednesday, Feb. 7 but the link is live now – at https://gofund.me/6b0a6a22

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