Am I the Only One: Labels are for clothing not people

Labels are for clothes not people
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Posted on: August 19, 2020

We are too complicated for simple labels. I think we should just stop trying to put people in categories and subcategories before we get so divided, we forget which way is up.  

People want to cram your whole identity into a single term, “Liberal” or “Tree Hugger” “Feminist” “Transgender” “Social Anxiety Disorder” “White Supremacist” “Karen”.

It even bothers me when parents call their kids “asthmatic”.   I would not be able to breathe properly if I had a label like that. Labels are a slippery slope. 

I read an article that said you are either a racist or anti-racist. Those are labels. I am a nice person and a decent human being and that is good enough for me.  

As a young teenager I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt unsupported, misunderstood and confused. These days you are assigned labels such as anxiety, depression, transgender, bisexual, social anxiety disorder, ADD, bipolar, etc.  “Emily” showed up at camp a totally different person. They had a new name, pronouns, and a bag of anxiety pills.  Camp was their safe place.  

It’s easy to sit behind a screen and be accepted by some underground social group.  There are a lot of crazy cults and online wacky friends to give you that sense of belonging and attention. You might even be celebrated but eventually you must come out into the light of day.  We must face our demons and battle through them and adjust accordingly. This takes a lifetime.  Labels brand people and they become self-fulfilled prophecies.  

As WC Fields says, “it ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”

This is not a civil rights issue. Many professionals like teachers, doctors and therapists will not speak up for fear of losing their jobs. That is suppressing speech.  Questions are not hate speech.  

We are complicated, nuanced, biological, flawed, human beings living imperfect lives.  I hate labels because they pigeonhole people into groups and these groups are ruining society.  

It is normal for people to have problems and I am all for a little more kindness and empathy in the world but let’s not cancel reality.  

Am I the only one?

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Column by Carrie Wynne

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