Lanark Lodge residents and staff remain in good health

Lanark Lodge
Posted on: March 18, 2020

As efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19 continue, Lanark Lodge has implemented protocols to ensure well-being of its residents and staff, and outlines efforts to provide regular updates.

“Lanark Lodge residents and staff remain in good health and good spirits,” said Interim Director Jennie Bingley, “and we are striving to provide regular updates about our status while the home remains closed to all visitors.”

Anyone who would like to be added to a distribution list for communication is encouraged to e-mail Please include the resident’s name and your relationship to the resident.

As always, you can reach the home at 613-267-4225 ext. 0 to speak with a staff member 24/7.

Updates are also available on the Lanark Lodge website ( and the Lanark County Facebook page.

Staff and essential providers are being actively screened prior to gaining access to the building.

Call Recreation staff for assistance with regular phone calls or FaceTime using iPads:

  • Oakridge Residents ext. 7502
  • Honeysuckle Residents ext. 7503
  • Evergreens Residents ext. 7504
  • Maples Residents ext. 7505

All necessary provisions, including food, medications and nursing supplies, are in good order.

“Thank you to all our families, friends and the community for their continued support,” Ms. Bingley said.

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