Volunteer group takes on LDD Moth egg clusters in Perth parks

LDD Moth Egg Clusters
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Posted on: November 8, 2021

Starting Monday, November 8, a group of volunteers will begin a two-week blitz to remove LDD Moth egg clusters from trees in parks throughout the Town of Perth. Their efforts will be focused on Last Duel Park, Conlon Farms, and Stewart Park, although they hope to be able to work through the smaller parks in town as well.

LDD Moths (formerly known as Gypsy Moths) caused severe defoliation of many trees throughout town this past summer, and prompted a group of residents to take measures to mitigate their impact moving forward.

A single egg cluster contains anywhere from 100-1,000 eggs that will survive the winter, leading to further devastation of trees. Residents and businesses are encouraged to remove all egg
clusters that they can access from trees on their properties in order to protect as many trees as possible. Clusters can be removed by scraping them off trees and other hard surfaces into a container of soapy water, then letting them sit for 48 hours before disposing of them. For more information on how to identify and manage LDD Moths, visit the Lanark County Invasive Species webpage.

A very large thank you goes out to all these volunteers that are helping to keep Perth parks healthy and green.

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