LFK Candidate Marlene Spruyt launches campaign – The Leadership You Need

Marlene Spruyt
Marlene Spruyt. Photo submitted.
Posted on: May 5, 2022


Green Party candidate Marlene Spruyt kicked off her campaign by putting down her first sign. 

“I have spent the past few months listening to residents across this vast riding.  This election is an opportunity to set a new direction that focuses on providing real solutions for the real problems that people in this riding are experiencing. Affordability, Accessibility, Health Care – including children’s mental health, Sustainability & Connectivity.”

“This election is time to try bold new ideas on Ontario’s problems. For Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston’s problems. It is time to give the Green Party a chance.  As the National Post said last week ‘Ontario Greens could end up holding the balance of power’, or as we like to say, the ‘balance of responsibility’”.

“It’s time to vote Green”, says Green Party leader Mike Schriener while also commenting about the other parties in Ontario. “They’re offering half measures or no measures that only paper over the cracks in Ontario’s foundation. We need real, new solutions to old problems. And that’s exactly what Ontario Greens are offering – solutions to tackle the climate emergency, the housing affordability crisis and the worsening mental health crisis.”

The Ontario Green Party slogan this election is The Ontario you want. The Leadership we need.  

“We need real leadership in this riding.  I believe my experience, and your trust, will bring that leadership that we need for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston” said Dr. Marlene Spruyt.

“The next 30 days of this campaign will be a race to the finish.  I believe that the Green party has the leadership you need to build the Ontario you want. Every vote counts so don’t sit this one out.  We need more Green MPPs to join Mike Schreiner at Queen’s Park and I ask for your support to be your Green MPP.”

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