Vegetable of the year 2019: Mixed carrots

Why is the lowly carrot the vegetable of the year? And if carrots, why mixed carrots? There is no vegetable I eat more often than carrots.  They are delicious in so many ways—boiled, roasted, mashed, steamed, grated, or in a stir fry.  Best of all is a carrot pulled fresh from the soil with most […]

Potentially harmful algal blooms

Potentially harmful algal blooms including blue green algae are a natural seasonal phenomenon that may appear in our lakes, rivers and ponds. Many of these blooms are relatively harmless; however, some species have the potential to produce toxins which may be harmful to people and animals. The presence of a harmful algal bloom and its […]

We’ve got the relaxing beaches you’ve been dreaming of

Ah, summer: a time for relaxing with friends, soaking up the sun and, of course, hitting the beach. But sometimes beach days are more hassle than relaxle: fighting traffic, circling for parking and dodging rogue frisbees while you defend your tiny square of sand from the hordes of other beachgoers. Some fun! But there’s a […]

Garden Matters: Do Marigolds deter bugs?

Do Marigolds deter bugs? If so how? This is something I have wondered about several times. The obvious answer is because the marigolds are smelly. This was brought out at a recent information session I attended about emerald ash borer. They didn’t mention marigolds but did mention elm and of course ash trees. It was […]

Smiths Falls Triathlon: Canada’s longest running triathlon returns June 22

It all started in Smiths Falls 40 years ago when the first triathlon was held along the banks of the historic Rideau Canal. On June 22, 2019, the Town of Smiths Falls will once again welcome hundreds of participants to the Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon, where participants can challenge themselves by running, cycling, and swimming […]

New RISE Yoga Festival coming to Smiths Falls June 15

Smiths Falls’ focus on health and wellness is once again coming to the forefront, with the announcement of a brand-new community event – the RISE Yoga and Wellness Festival. Running from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 15, 2019, this free, family-friendly, and educational event will celebrate the community and embracing a healthy […]