Let’s Eat: The Little German Bakery in Carleton Place

The Little German Bakery
Rob and Doris of The Little German Bakery. Photo credit: Brian Turner.
Posted on: June 27, 2023

Great baked taste finds a home

Carleton Place and area residents are about to learn what hundreds of Brockville and Kingston foodies have known for several years: there’s nothing like fresh pretzels, breads, and pastries from the Little German Bakery. Owners Doris and Rob have been filling those communities’ farmers’ markets with the unique and enticing aromas of their fresh-baked wares for years and now have opened a bricks and mortar home on Bridge Street in Carleton Place’s downtown core. Their Teutonic treats have created a tectonic shift in habits to the point that countless households can’t go long without their fix of all things warm and tasty that come from the Little German Bakery’s ovens.

Like all creations born in our recent health pandemic, there was a lot more sweat and tears in converting a ‘turn-key’ operation into a fully functional specialty bakery. As Rob put it, it was some key to turn. Organizing a horde of contractors, obtaining impossible-to-get equipment from broken supply-chains, and satisfying tomes of public health regulations wasn’t something he and Doris would want to repeat, but the results were well worth it.

They’ve already completed a series of oven test-runs to feed the crowds at the last few farmer’s markets events they frequent before opening the doors at 14 Bridge Street, (next door to the CTC gas bar). When that happens on June 7, the street will be filled with the irresistible aromas of breads of all types, sweet and savory pastries, and of course the large soft pretzels they’re famous for. Doris and Rob have taken these traditional knotted delights and amped them up with baked-on cheese or cinnamon and sugar, even pizza toppings for example. The samples I tried and shared were the absolute best examples of perfectly baked pretzels. These alone would be reasons for the popularity of their endeavors, but it doesn’t end there. There are verified rumors of pretzel sandwiches coming with fillings only limited by the Little German Bakery’s imagination.

And sourdough fans can finally rejoice because there will be great bakery-fresh sourdough on the racks to satisfy your appetites. They’ll take their place besides all shades of traditional and modern breads such as rye, whole-wheat, multi-grain and much more. Those with a sweet-tooth or two will have difficulty choosing between strudels and Berliners and such. And the Little German Bakery will give you another reason to look forward to special occasions and events with Christmas cakes and stollen and more.

The Bakery will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm making it easy to get the perfect additions to your meals, or to pick up something for a well-deserved treat. You can reach them at 613-257-8181 or check out their mouth-watering selections at littlegermanbakery.ca. Little might be the name of their bakery, but the tastes are anything but.

Column by Brian Turner

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