Invest in local pride with Smiths Falls Swag

Smiths Falls Logo
Posted on: April 27, 2021

During Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Jennifer Miller, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism, presented town council with a new microeconomic initiative: Smiths Falls Swag. This involves the creation of Smiths Falls branded items which will be sold at multiple retailers in town.  

This initiative will be funded with a $20 000 withdrawal from the Small Business Advisory Centre reserve fund. This will include a $15 000 investment into Smiths Falls branded goods, which will be distributed to participating small businesses.  Additionally, $5000 will go toward advertising and promoting these small businesses and the Smiths Falls Swag. The participating businesses will retain all funds collected for the items.

Councillor Allen noted that she purchased several Smiths Falls mugs to give as gifts, and that they are always a huge hit. 

Councillors McGuire and Dwyer pointed out that Smiths Falls swag can be purchased at The Arts Hub and this venture could potentially step on their toes.

Throughout the past year, Economic Development and Tourism has been injecting fresh life into shopping and dining in Smiths Falls by adding a local promotional twist to the experience. Picnic Smiths Falls, Merry & Bright, and Eat Love Smiths Falls are three of the recent memorable microeconomic boosts that local buyers and businesses have enjoyed.

Article by Janelle Labelle