Cherished memories for young boy thanks to Chief Chesebrough

Luke and Fire Chief Rick Chesebrough
Posted on: October 27, 2023

I had the pleasure of spending some time with my 7-year-old great grandson, Luke, in early July. 

We started out the day with our usual lunch at McDonalds followed by a visit to our favourite toy shop, Toy Heaven, where there is always a little treasure to be found and taken home.

On this day, as we headed home, we passed the Smiths Falls Fire Station. My grandson was immediately captivated, as he always is, by the sight of the fire trucks. 

The trucks were proudly on display as the big doors were open, so we made a quick turn in to get a closer look. We got out and took a little walk about when we were fortunate enough to chance upon the Fire Chief himself, Rick Chesebrough!

He was so appreciative of my grandson’s keen interest in all things fire department that he proceeded to let him see the fire trucks up close, as well as take us on a tour of the station. Luke was even lucky enough to come away with a little “swag”!

How lucky are we to have met Chief Chesebrough who so graciously took time to not only entertain the wide-eyed fascination of a 7-year-old boy, but to create a cherished memory for both him and his Great Grandpa.

Article Submitted by Claude Matte

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