New county warden elected

Christa Lowry
Lanark County Warden and Mississippi Mills Mayor Christa Lowry. Photo credit: Brian Turner.
Posted on: December 3, 2020

On Wednesday afternoon, Lanark County council held a special session to elect a new warden and slate of committee chairs. This is an annual event as wardens and committee chairs only hold office for a year. The nominations come from council and only council members can vote. This year 3 members were vying for the top position; Mississippi Mills Mayor Christa Lowry, Lanark Highlands’ Reeve Peter McLaren, and Montague Deputy Reeve Klaas van der Meer. Lowry won the secret ballot election and was immediately sworn in, accepted the chain of office, and presided as chair for the inaugural meeting.

The committee chairs were chosen by acclamation and are Drummond/North Elmsley Deputy Reeve Ray Scissons for Community Services, Tay Valley Reeve Brian Campbell for Corporate Services, Perth Mayor John Fenik for Economic Development and Perth Deputy Mayor Ed McPherson for Public Works.

Outgoing Warden Brian Campbell thanked staff and his family for their support over the past year, particularly acknowledging the hard work of Lanark Lodge staff during the pandemic and their efforts to keep residents safe. Among many highlights for him were the opening of the Alameda in Mississippi Mills, the Warden’s Slow Roll fundraiser, efforts to move forward with broadband and cell expansion in eastern Ontario, improvements and partnerships related to county trails, and embarking on an ambitious climate change action plan including a dedicated county staff position. 

“The pandemic created new challenges. The way we have done business has changed dramatically around the world. This year has been an interesting and different one and certainly not what I was expecting”, he said during his remarks.

Article by Brian Turner

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