Perth Council to reconsider process of property standards bylaw

Posted on: December 2, 2020

The Perth Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday night began with a discussion of the Property Standards bylaw. Bradley Wright, Director of Development Services, informed Council of the current property standard process.  When someone in the town has a complaint, either a health and safety issue, an obstruction or eyesore etc., these complaints are required to be submitted in writing to the bylaw enforcement officer.  “There are active, proactive, and reactive property standards. What we have in place currently is a reactive process; it is complaints driven.” In response to the suggestion that the system should move away from being complaints driven, and the Bylaw Enforcement Officer be given more authority to pursue better property care, Councillor Brown pointed out that “the Bylaw Enforcement Officer already has more work than one person can do. We should consider hiring another person if we want them to be more proactive.” Town council members discussed the rundown state of KFC on Highway 7, and the dilapidated state of Mr. Gas as examples of properties which do not meet property standards.  “Mr. Gas – the owner’s got to fix that up … it’s an absolute disaster, and maybe even a hazard,” Mayor Fenik stated unequivocally. “I can have a complaint in writing on your desk tomorrow if that’s what’s required.”  Councillor Bird suggested the conversation should be moved to an “in camera” session, due to the sensitive nature and naming of specific businesses.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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