Perthmore Community Association requests help from town with traffic, lighting

Max. 40km/h
Posted on: November 11, 2020

The Perth town council received a delegation from the Perthmore Community Association during Tuesday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting. President Michael Flynn and Vice President Chris Cook brought several requests to council from the Perthmore neighbourhood. The PCA requested another traffic study, as there are over 50 new households in the neighbourhood since the last study. They are also requesting a 40km/h speed limit through their 100% residential neighbourhood, and they want the town to install signage limiting parking to one side of the street only, in order to ensure clear passage for emergency vehicles. The PCA also noted that the streetlights which were installed on Senator Gate are not up to current standards as to type of bulb or spacing and requested that the town offer some direction as to how this might be improved. They noted that typical streetlights are 30/35 metres apart, but these are double that distance. Flynn noted that the safety of the area’s pedestrians is at stake.  “We are concerned,” concluded VP Chris Cook, “with the volume, speed, and frequency of the vehicles in our neighbourhood.” 

Councillor Brown supported the Perthmore Association’s requests, and Councillor Cameron thanked the delegation for bringing the community’s concerns to council.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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