Perthmore path gets a green light, sort of

Perthmore Pathway
Photo credit: Brian Turner
Posted on: March 31, 2022

Another topic that has seen more than its fair share of discussion at the council table, the public pathway in the Perthmore subdivision, had another debate on Tuesday. The path runs along a town-owned easement and has no fencing between it and the private properties it abuts. There have been multiple complaints from those homeowners regarding trespassing and the lack of a buffer or fencing. When council first discussed the possibility of closing it with barriers and no-trespassing signs, a vocal group complained about the potential loss of a walking route. At the last committee meeting where this was raised, a tie vote stopped any action on the matter.

This time, Deputy Mayor Ed McPherson proposed leaving it open for a one-year trial period, but posting signs indicating it was not maintained and people would be using it at their own risk. He also requested markers be installed to clearly identify what was private property and what was part of the path. He added that the town would install a barrier or fence for any affected property owner that requested one. Councilor Brock McPherson reminded everyone that a legal opinion recently obtained by the town suggested the municipality would be open to damage or injury claims if the pathway was left in use but not maintained as a safe walk-way. In a recorded vote the Deputy Mayor’s proposal was approved.

Article by Brian Turner

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