Perthmore to get traffic improvements

Perthmore requests safety changes
Posted on: December 10, 2021

Responding to a request from the Perthmore Community Association, Bradley Wright, the town’s director of development services, presented the committee with a list of the association’s recommendations for improvements to traffic flow and pedestrian safety. They were asking for a new traffic study, a community safety zone for a 40 km/h speed limit, a by-law for parking on one side of road for emergency vehicles, a review of street signage, enhanced indications for sidewalk crossing at Isabella and Garden, some parking restrictions at Garden and Isabella mailboxes and improved street lighting on Senators Gate Drive.

Wright reported that the area didn’t meet the qualifications for a community safety zone speed limit as there was no identifiable risk such as a school or church. The town passed revisions to their parking by-law in November to address the mailbox parking issues and have already ordered new lighting for Senators Gate Drive. He was also recommending a full review of on-street parking in the subdivision next year along with a new traffic study. Improved road surface markings for crossing at Isabella and Garden were recommended to be included in next year’s general line painting schedule. Perth has also brought in an inventory of improved reflective signs and Perthmore’s will be reviewed over the winter.

Article by Brian Turner

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