Am I the Only One: Progressivism

Posted on: July 15, 2021

Progressivism claims to be a movement that aims to represent the interests of ordinary people. I’m not so sure about that.

We are living in an era with more fences and security, more protests, and clashes. The media separates us into different camps. The working class versus elites, left versus right, black versus white. It’s a profitable strategy to have us pitted against each other where we hate and blame each other for things the ‘ordinary’ person has not participated in like systemic racism, indigenous residential schools, or islamophobia. If you disagree with the mainstream narrative, you’re a bigot. If you call it out, you’re a racist. They shut down voices of reason that are contrary to what they subscribe to. Where is the open-mindedness and tolerance in that?

These virtue signallers have a hidden agenda. To prop up “group think” and clusters of mobs like Black Lives Matter and the LBGTQ communities to sell discourse and create division. They like to embroil us in bitter disputes because bad news sells. The demoralization of society is the way forward for them. We are puppets in a play called money and power.

We hate and blame each other while leaving the people who got wildly rich off the pandemic alone. The censorship by Facebook and Twitter of the Wuhan Lab leak theory is one example of how the corporate elite are onboard with the liberal media. Now that Trump is out of the way it’s okay to discuss this very real and likely possibility.

Of course, the school boards have jumped on the bandwagon too. The Toronto District School board is investigating the names of 583 schools and parks for its racist legacy in an initiative called, ‘Renaming schools and celebrating the diversity of Toronto’. That should go very well for the media and keep the school boards busy for a while. God knows they have time on their hands.

If you really look at it, all this distracts from the real work that needs to be done which is to fix homelessness and poverty, tax the rich and shrink the government. They fall over each other to solve problems and hire committees for everything that comes up. Efficiency should be a top priority and stay out of the ‘woke’ business. I would love to see a politician with the chops to change that. Am I the only one?

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Column by Carrie Wynne

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