Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital gradual resumption of scheduled surgeries and procedures as of June 22

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital
Posted on: June 23, 2020

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (PSFDH) is embarking on a carefully thought out and measured approach to gradually increase the number of scheduled surgeries and procedures. Safety and Quality of Care are the cornerstones of this plan. On March 19th , the Government of Ontario put on hold all elective and non-essential surgeries and clinical activities in Ontario hospitals.

Since then, PSFDH has been working closely with local primary care teams and specialists in conjunction with regional partners to continue providing emergent, urgent and essential hospital care to our community. The local primary care teams and specialists have been continually reviewing and prioritizing the care needs of their patients who are awaiting procedures and surgeries.

On May 26th , the Ontario Government allowed hospitals to gradually resume elective and non-urgent surgeries, procedures, and other hospital activities. In order to increase services, hospitals must meet current Ontario Government criteria such as appropriate staffing levels, sufficient quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE), maintaining an adequate hospital occupancy level, among other conditions. It is expected that the gradual ramp up of elective surgeries and procedures across Ontario will occur over the coming weeks and months and will vary from region to region based on the level of COVID-19 cases. Hospitals must maintain the
flexibility to ramp down if there is an upward trend in COVID-19 activity in their region. PSFDH’s ability to increase scheduled services is directly linked to the community’s ongoing effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

“PSFDH is committed to a regional and coordinated approach to safely support the ramp up of surgical services and procedures to meet the needs in our community,” stated Dr. Kate Stolee, Chief of Staff. “It is essential that all pieces fit together so that the precautions we take, keep our patients and our hospital staff safe and supported during the pandemic.”

“PSFDH is ready to provide care that has been delayed due to COVID-19 but the top priority for everyone is to ensure the safety of patients and staff and the right processes are in place,” stated Dr. Barry Guppy, President and CEO. What can you expect with the gradual ramp up?

  • You will be contacted directly by your primary care provider and/or the hospital to discuss your procedure’s booking at which time you will be pre-screened for COVID-19
  • You will be screened a second time when you enter the hospital through the Emergency Department Patient Entrance where you will be given a mask to wear and requested to wash your hands with hand sanitizer.
  • You are then directed to registration where you will present your Health Card.
  • You will be screened a third time while in the procedure’s waiting area.
  • Mandatory physical distancing precautions are in place and are to be respected at all times. Waiting areas have been reconfigured to support these measures.

Our hospital is taking every possible measure to ensure patient and staff safety. People are reminded that if you require urgent/emergent care, please go to your nearest Emergency Department or call 911.

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