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Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust
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Posted on: July 10, 2020

It’s no secret that the forests and wetlands within the Mississippi and Lower Madawaska watersheds provide us with countless environmental and health advantages. Being in these wild areas can give us many emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits. They also purify both our air and water and provide homes for so many of our favourite wildlife. Wild areas are a key resource in our efforts to slow climate change because they sequester large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.  

The Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT) is a volunteer-based charity committed to ensuring that wild landscapes are protected for us, our children, and grandchildren. MMLT stewards over 2,500 ac. in the region—some lands it owns, other lands on which it has a Conservation Agreement with the landowner.

Over the past few months, many of us have gained a new appreciation for how vital our natural areas really are.  You may even have been among the hundreds of visitors we’ve seen since reopening to the public four of our eight MMLT  nature reserves:   High Lonesome Nature Reserve (Pakenham), cliffLAND (Blueberry Mountain near Lanark), Poole Family Nature Sanctuary (Carleton Place), and Rose Hill Nature Reserve (Denbigh). 

Visitors tell us how walking our trails reduces their stress levels, provides much-needed physical activity, encourages artistic inspiration, and offers longed-for connection with nature —whether it be bird watching or simply immersing themselves in the beauty.  

MMLT relies on the support of generous community members and businesses to continue and expand its work.  In normal times, MMLT would be hosting its popular ‘Discover the Wild’ series of field workshops, bringing nature enthusiasts together with expert guides to explore various aspects of the environment on our properties. These and other fundraising events would traditionally provide the income to meet our annual goals. But, these are not normal times. 

So this year MMLT, together with radio station LAKE 88.1 FM, is trying something new and different. If we can’t bring people together to explore nature, we will bring expert naturalists to listeners in their homes. 

LAKE 88.1 FM will broadcast a one-hour Radiothon to benefit the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust on its About the House program.  Special guests, noted horticulturalist, Ed Lawrence, and naturalist/ educator, Michael Runtz, will share their experiences exploring MMLT properties and bring to life the intriguing plants and animals found there.

We invite you to tune in to the Lake 88.1 Radiothon at 8:00 AM on Saturday, July 25 to enjoy the discussion and offer your support for the important work of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust.  Phone lines will be open for donations from 8 AM until 6 PM (613-253-2722).  You can also donate online at

This event is sponsored in part by Lake 88.1 FM and the Carleton Place Terrace.

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