Perth offers relief to Stingrays, youth recreation groups during Covid-19

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Posted on: November 25, 2020

The Perth Town Council welcomed a delegation from the Perth Stingrays Aquatic Club at Tuesday night’s council meeting. Andrew Perkins, president of the club, and Jennifer Greaves, treasurer, presented council with a summary of the club’s activities and a request for financial assistance in the form of a grant. The Stingrays will celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2021. As well as 40 years’ worth of good health and exercise, the Stingrays have nurtured four of Perth’s Olympians / Olympic hopefuls: Bailey Andison, Olivia Ellard, Elizabeth Greaves, and Mike Brown.

Covid-19 restrictions meant the club lost approximately $8000 in fundraising revenue in the spring, and a significant drop in registration this fall meant a loss of $12 000 in revenue. The club got back in the water in July, with strict Covid-19 protocols in place to ensure swimmers’ safety. 

Perkins noted that along with physical good health, swimming builds mental and emotional strength and resilience. The Stingrays Club has taken advantage of all available Federal support and has continued to fundraise online, but with the losses compounding, Perkins predicts “we won’t survive for more than a few seasons.” Their pool rental fees are $42 000 annually; they are the largest renter at the pool and believe that their relationship with the town is a mutually beneficial one.

Mayor Fenik thanked the delegation for their presentation, and Councillor Cameron praised the Club for their contribution to the community. “Swimming is a lifelong skill, a lifesaving skill, and excellent recreation,” she said. “It is such a positive thing to put your child into. I wholeheartedly support keeping the swim team in town.” 

Town Council voted on a motion to support Youth Recreation Groups during Covid-19, with a one-time grant which covers 25% of the cost of renting town facilities.  The motion passed unanimously.

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Article by Janelle Labelle