Rideau Lakes Township to apply for $60,000 accessible grant

The track at the Ronald E. Holman Municipal Complex in Rideau Lakes Township is in need of lighting and picnic tables. There is an accessible grant available for these accessible elements, and staff is looking to apply for the grant opportunity to help with funding. Pictured, a grandma and her grandson, 4, check out the walking track as the pump track is “too steep,” according to the youngster, on Monday, May 20. Photo credit: Laurie Weir.
Posted on: May 20, 2024

Grant will go towards Ronald E. Holman Municipal Complex upgrades


Lighting and picnic tables are on the agenda for a park in Rideau Lakes Township. 

There is an Inclusive Community Grant available for various municipal projects and township staff is eyeing up $60,000 for the Ronald E. Holman Municipal Complex on Highway 15 west of Smiths Falls. 

The Ronald E. Holman Municipal Complex in Rideau Lakes Township is in need of lighting and picnic tables and staff is looking into a grant application for $60,000 to help fund these elements. Photo credit: Laurie Weir.

The grant, if successful, will be used for the installation of lighting and the purchase of accessible picnic tables at the property. Currently, there are a few regular picnic tables situated near the tracks.

The grant program provides up to $60,000 to eligible applicants for projects like increasing accessibility of outdoor spaces for equitable access to resources. It is also to be used to promote accessible housing, or for timely improvements for outdoor spaces, buildings and transportation needs. 

Volunteer coordinator Leila Stafford said the township created an accessible walking path at the complex with lighting to be installed around the perimeter of the track. Last year, the asphalt track, along with the installation of the conduit lighting was completed. There are 11 lights planned to be installed around the walking and pump tracks and two to be installed at the proposed pickleball court. 

Coun. Paula Banks asked if they were lighting up the pickleball court at this time since plans have been put on hold after recent budget deliberations. 

Stafford said this proposal would be for up to 11 lights. There are 13 lights in the plan. “I believe the pickleball (lights) will clip onto the fence in some fashion,” she said. “So no, we wouldn’t be applying for those two lights (for the proposed pickleball area).”

Banks also brought forward questions from the accessibility committee – what type of foundation would the picnic tables sit on, and if they could have a look at the options for the tables. 

Photo credit: Laurie Weir.

Stafford said they would back the tables onto the asphalt trail, and yes, the committee could have a look at the options for the tables. If successful with the grant, they will be able to move the tables to other accessible surfaces as they are created throughout the complex, she said. 

Coun. Jeff Banks asked about security and safety issues, mentioning the possibility of a ring camera. 

Mayor Arie Hoogenboom said they should let staff deal with that, but added that “people have to take responsibility for their own actions.”

“We have parks all over the place where kids could get hurt,” the mayor said. 

Jeff Banks noted that the liability is quite a bit higher with the pump track and he’s concerned if someone gets hurt there, or needs a telephone. 

Stafford said they could possibly look at keeping the vestibule open inside the hall for certain hours of operation.  

“Maybe we can look at expediting that opening,” pending the availability of cleaning staff, she said. “They would have access to the AED, a telephone and the washrooms as well.”

The committee unanimously recommended the motion.

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