Rideau Lakes presents cheque to Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital

Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital
Posted on: May 7, 2020

The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital was the recipient of a cheque for $54,484 from the Township of Rideau Lakes today.

Mayor Arie Hoogenboom presented the cheque to the Hospital President and CEO, Dr. Barry Guppy and Board Chair Donna Howard, using a hockey stick in order to practice social distancing. The cheque is the first payment in a 3-year commitment for a donation to the hospital as a part of their ongoing Core Capital program.

“The availability of state-of the art medical equipment and technology at Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital is essential to enabling the hospital to continue to provide high quality patient and family centred care. It is also critical to successful recruitment and retention of the best physicians, nurses, therapists and other members of our health care team. We are very grateful to the Township of Rideau Lakes for their support of our hospital and the core capital program,” said Dr. Barry Guppy, President & CEO.

Donna Howard, Chair of the Hospital Board added, “We are grateful to Rideau Lakes for their recognition of the importance of supporting PSFDH’s capital funding needs and helping the hospital, its staff and its physicians provide the high quality and compassionate care that this community deserves. The challenging health care environment that we are currently going through only serves to highlight the equipment and technological needs that are critical for now and for the future.”

“This is the first of three annual grant installments with the amount increasing from $3/capita to $5/capita in 2022. We are reminded during this COVID-19 crisis of how important quality health care and our local facilities are,” noted Mayor Hoogenboom.

The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital serves as the primary hospital for many Rideau Lakes residents and seasonal visitors. The Council of Rideau Lakes felt that given the Provincial Government does not contribute to the capital medical needs of Hospitals, funding must come from the local community.

Both sites in Perth and Smiths Falls provide quality local care and are a major contributor to the local economy.

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