RVCA supports Lanark County Climate Action Plan through landowner tree planting program

Tree Planting
Posted on: October 8, 2020

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) supports Lanark County’s commitment to plant one million trees through its landowner tree planting program. The RVCA’s program has helped landowners in watershed municipalities plant trees for over 27 years with technical advice, site preparation and planting of native seedlings. The program also offers substantial subsidized costs.

Climate and the environment are highlighted as Lanark County’s top five priorities this term and are an important part of its Climate Action Plan, which launched this past January. As part of the plan, the County launched its One Million Tree program which aims to plant one million trees over the next ten years.

“Each year the RVCA plants around 90,000 trees in Lanark County and that fits right in with the One Million Tree Program. RVCA’s programs are a great way to get more trees in the ground,” said Kurt Greaves, Lanark County’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Tree planting is a proven way to sequester carbon out of the atmosphere, which dovetails perfectly with our Climate Action Plan.”  

To participate, landowners need a minimum of one acre (0.4 hectares) and be willing to plant at least 1,000 trees. RVCA forestry staff will meet with landowners (following COVID-safe directives) to create a planting plan specific to the site’s conditions and the landowner’s wishes. And, in the spring, RVCA will prepare the land, plant healthy, native tree seedlings, and will help maintain the new, growing forest. The average cost for this full-service planting program is usually $3/tree, but landowners in the RVCA watershed typically only pay $0.15/tree ($120/acre) because RVCA’s funding partners pay the rest.

If you are interested in planting in 2021, now is the time to set things in motion with a free site visit.

“We’ve planted more than 6.6 million trees in the watershed since 1983 and are looking to plant more,” said Dan Cooper, RVCA’s Director of Conservation Lands and Stewardship. “We are happy to support Lanark and its member municipalities’ goal to plant one million trees and assist landowners who are looking to reforest their idle land. We are here to help.”

For those interested in planting one or two trees, watch for the 2021 spring tree give-away. Last June, the County and RVCA hosted a free tree-giveaway that saw over 1,200 trees distributed to keen planters of all ages. Watch for details on the Lanark County and RVCA social media feeds next spring.

To plant this coming spring, book your free site now. Contact Dan Cooper at 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1124 or dan.cooper@rvca.ca.

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