Potential savings of $175,000 in Rideau Lakes Township due to mild winter

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Posted on: April 8, 2024

Lack of snow events this season have given Rideau Lakes Township about $175,000 in cost savings – at least for now.

During a regular municipal services committee meeting on Monday, April 8, Dan Chant, the manager of roads and drainage, said their cost savings at this time is due to the mild winter.

“The sand domes were refilled in February 2024. Staff would normally fill them again at the end of the season, however there will not be a need to as very little material was used,” Chant noted. “They will not be needed to be refilled until 2025 saving approximately $174,396 in the 2024 budget.”

To compare over March of 2023, the township plowing and sanding trucks drive 4,120 kilometres, and in 2022, they drove 7,428 kilometres. In 2024, they drove 1,105 kilometres.   

To date, the 2023-2024 season, township trucks drive 30,783 kilometres with 23,282 being in township trucks, and 7,501 kilometres in contract trucks. Compared to 2022/23, there were 53,984 kilometres driven in total, while in 2021-21, they drove 59,641 kilometres. 

The sand domes were refilled in February 2024, Chant noted. Staff would normally fill them again at the end of the season, however there will not be a need to as very little material was used. 

Dan Chant, manager of roads and drainage, reported to the committee that the savings could be directed to winter control reserves.

Chief administrative officer Shellee Evans cautioned that the cost savings flagged at this point can fluxuate by the end of the year. 

“As we get to the fall when (the treasurer) gets to her quarterly report, she’ll have a better ability to identify those numbers,” Fournier said. “We’re just flagging this at this point and then we’ll discuss what to do with it in the fall.”

Mayor Arie Hoogenboom said there are options. “There are things that come up at certain times during the year as well,” he said, especially with unbudgeted requests or issues that may come forward. 

In other roads news, capital projects have started for 2024. A single axle plow truck has been ordered, as has geotextile cloth for reconstruction work on Grady and Sheldon roads. Replacement culverts are coming for Big Rideau Road improvements. 

Patching of hard surfaced roads and grading continues as required when weather permits. There is very little frost left in the roads now, the granular roads should start improving.

Staff have completed cutting brush on Big Crosby and Murphy Road and are working on the Ninth Concession with the wheeled excavator. Staff have put 200 hours on the excavator since Jan. 22, Chant noted in his report. 

Sweeping in villages will start next week with contract workers who will be vacuuming the streets as well, while the township sweepers will start this week. 

Chant will also check in with the county after concerns for crosswalks on roads in Elgin, Portland and Delta were brought forward.

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