Second Case Management Conference on Perth Golf Club has minor change

CAIVAN wants to build 940-unit subdivision at the Perth Golf Course at 141 Peter St. Photo credit: CAIVAN documents/screen grab.
Posted on: February 15, 2024

Request for party status withdrawn by Richard Schooley


A second case management (CMC) conference was held Monday, Feb. 12 to settle a dispute between the Town of Perth and CAIVAN, a developer looking to create a 940-unit sub division surrounding the Perth Golf Course. 

The matter has gone to the Ontario Land Tribunal as there are concerns expressed by the town, and its citizens about the development. 

CAIVAN is seeking permission to proceed but approval to zoning and bylaw amendments has not happened. CAIVAN appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal. Two case management conferences have since been held with the matter going to trial in August. 

The first CMC was held in December, and a second just this week on Feb. 12. 

According to Crystal Reinhard, the Perth’s communications coordinator, Monday’s meeting was “brief, only lasting 30 minutes.”

“The Draft Procedural Order, with one minor change, and Issues list were both approved and will be circulated within the next two weeks to all parties and participants,” she noted. 

“Richard Schooley withdrew the request for party status, and requested participant status instead which was agreed upon. Participant statements, along with revisions to previously submitted statements, are due on June 3.”

It was during the Dec. 14 OLT case management conference, that a second CMC would be held Feb. 12, at which time a decision was going to be made about whether a group of 190 citizens would be granted party status. 

Pat Harrington, the legal representative for CAIVAN, stated that his client is currently reviewing the issues raised, Reinhard noted.

Should there be any revisions, any revised application(s) would be due on March 1, 2024. Between March 1 and April 15 all parties will discuss whether there is a possibility for mediation and/or settlement.

A four-week hearing was scheduled in December, which is slated to start on Monday, Aug. 19 and run through Sept. 13.

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