Smiths Falls awards RFP to TSI Inc. for design & admin of Confederation Bridge

confederation bridge
Old Confederation Bridge. Photo credit: Google Maps
Posted on: December 19, 2023

During Monday evening’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Director of Public Works and Utilities Paul McMunn recommended that council approve awarding the request for proposal (RFP) for detailed design of the new Confederation Bridge to TSI Inc. 

The former Confederation Bridge is being replaced with a pedestrian footbridge, which council hopes will become a focal point for tourists and residents alike. It will provide a view of the falls and the beautiful summertime waterway traffic, as well as linking pedestrians downtown with the beach and Centennial Park. 

McMunn explained that the RFP (for the detailed design but also contract administration and inspection) was issued this fall, and the town received nine bids. TSI Inc was the lowest bidder at $49,805. 

In his report, McMunn outlined the financial implications of this decision. Initially, the town budgeted $1,367,000 for the replacement of the Confederation bridge. There has been $114,240 expensed to the project to date to complete the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment assignment and Geotechnical Investigation. That leaves a current balance of $1,252,760 for this project not including the funds required for this assignment. This award of contract to TSI Inc. in the amount of $49,805 (excluding net HST) will result in a balance of $1,202,078 to complete the construction portion of the project. It is not anticipated at this time that additional funds will be required to bring the project to completion. 

Councilor Jennifer Miller said, “We’re really keen to design this well. Do you have confidence this company will hear our wishes and help us get to that place?”

McMunn replied, “I do . I’m very comfortable in their capacity and their expertise.”

Council accepted staff recommendation and approved awarding the RFP to TSI Inc.

Janelle Labelle
Author: Janelle Labelle