Solar light lanterns installed in Gleeson Park

Gleeson Park
Gleeson Park. Off-leash dog park. Photo credit: Google Maps
Posted on: June 14, 2022

During Monday evening’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Director of Community Services Art Manhire updated council on his department’s work around town.  New solar lights have been installed in Gleeson Park, the off-leash dog park behind the baseball fields on Old Slys Road. Pending Parks Canada’s approval, Manhire indicated these same types of lights will be installed near the Bascule Bridge and eventually along Evergreen Avenue. 

The solar powered lights will eliminate the need for running power lines, noted Director Manhire.

Councilor Chris McGuire was concerned that these are not the same lights that are installed on Beckwith Street. “We did not have the exact fixture available,” Manhire explained, noting that these are not identical, but complementary, and also better for the environment due to their being solar powered. CAO Malcolm Morris commented that the installation of these lights is part of an ongoing project to light up public spaces in Smiths Falls.

Councilor Jay Brennan thanked Director Manhire for the work the town has done on the dog park. “It looks great. It’s so well used. The lighting is a fantastic feature.” Brennan also inquired about the possibility of netting to prevent baseballs from entering the dog park, and also the installation of a hydrant, “because dogs like fire hydrants.”

The three new solar lights in the dog park are mounted on cement bases, stand over 10 feet tall, and resemble old-fashioned lantern-style light posts.

Article by Janelle Labelle