Station Theatre walkway replacement a stumbling block

Station Theatre Smiths Falls. Photo credit: Google Maps.
Posted on: October 11, 2023

During Tuesday evening’s Committee of the Whole meeting in Smiths Falls, Director of Community Services Stephanie Clark discussed intended repairs to the Station Theatre walkway.

Requests for quotations to replace the interlock walkway came in at more than double the town’s projected budget. 

“Earlier this summer, based on a budget of $60,000 which was set last year … we set out to get a request for quotations to replace the interlock walkway at Station Theatre. Unfortunately, each of the three bids we received are well outside of the $60,000 that was budgeted.”

In light of this, Clark suggested the town effect any urgent repairs immediately, and do some research to determine why these quotes for a replacement walkway were so wildly over budget. 

Mayor Pankow asked if the price could be lowered by reusing the materials that are present at the theatre. “It might be a big part of the cost factor if we could reuse,” he suggested. 

“I could reissue the RFQ, looking into reusing the materials; we could certainly do that,” Director Clark replied. 

Councilors McKenna and Quinn asked if the walkway needed to be replaced with interlock specifically. 

“I’d be looking for alternatives,” said Councilor McKenna.

“Where my business is, we have interlock and it’s just a nightmare. It looks lovely for a while and then things start to shift – whether its water or weather or whatever. So maybe there’s something we should be looking at doing differently,” added Councilor Quinn. 

Director Clark indicated that her department will research alternative options as well as the potential for reusing materials.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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