The Tap Room Inc. opens at Settlers Ridge Mall in Smiths Falls

Front of The Tap Room Inc. with new owners standing in front.
The Tap Room Inc., has opened in the Settlers Ridge Mall in Smiths Falls. New owners include: Luke Price, Daren Givoque, Ian O’Donohue, Silvia Givoque, Luc Belanger, and Gage Givoque. Missing from the photo is Luke Smiley. Photo credit: Laurie Weir.
Posted on: April 12, 2024

Partnership with 4 Degrees Brewing and Distilling also on tap


What’s on tap? 

Come find out, as new entrepreneurs have moved into the space at 4 Degrees Brewing in Smiths Falls.

The Tap Room Inc., owned and operated by Daren and Silvia Givoque and their son Gage, Ian O‘Donohue, Luke Price, Luc Belanger and Ian Smiley, is undergoing a transformation to bring patrons so much more than just beer.

The opportunity came up last summer when they were looking to open a tap room in Kemptville.

“We were interviewed for an article in The Kemptville Advance and discussed our challenges with opening a brewery. Nick and Andrew read the article and reached out as they were considering selling 4 Degrees Brewing,” Daren Givoque said, during renovations on St. Patrick’s Day.

Daren Givoque, Luke Price, Luc Belanger, Ian O’Donohue, (front), Gage Givoque and Silvia Givoque
Raising a glass on St. Patrick’s Day to a new partnership are the owners of The Tap Room Inc. at the Settlers Ridge Mall. They include (back, left to right), Daren Givoque, Luke Price, Luc Belanger, Ian O’Donohue, (front), Gage Givoque and Silvia Givoque. Photo credit: Laurie Weir.

Givoque said his group started their move into the Settlers Ridge Centre brewery on March 1, and will have their official opening in May, but until then, they’re busy with some upgrades, including a new commercial kitchen, and the addition of some big screen televisions, and some new paint. They’re still open, offering customers some of the 4 Degrees Brewing options as well as a variety of craft beers on tap, as they grow, expand, and continue with excellence established in the draft beer industry.

The group said they will continue to be committed to the community, ensure patrons are satisfied, deliver quality services, and ensure that the dedicated community support remains unwavering.

They said they’re excited to be coming to Smiths Falls after searching for a suitable location in Kemptville – but that doesn’t mean that expansion in Kemptville is off the table, as they want to have more than one location.

“We’re opening a kitchen in the back, brand new – this space and the kitchen will be part of The Tap Room, and 4 Degrees Brewing, which we bought, will become 4 Degrees Brewing and Distilling,” said Givoque.

St. Patrick’s Day
Photo credit: Laurie Weir.

This new lounge and bar will host theme nights, live music, and karaoke.

Silvia Givoque will be creating delicious homemade Italian food, like meatball and cold cut sandwiches on focaccia bread, or chicken parmesan.

“We’re keeping the brewing tanks here but we will also be brewing with partners to collaborate on recipes.” For now, that’s an “industry secret.”

A 250-litre distilling apparatus will replace the coffee roaster so “we will be bringing vodka, gin, rum and whisky to this area,” he said, all under the 4 Degrees Brewing and Distilling banner. Patrons will be able to purchase any of these products on site. Some will be available at LCBO locations.

“We’ll also have our RTDs (ready to drink), like vodka and cranberry, gin and tonic, Moscow mule … three or four different varieties that we’ll have on the shelf,” Daren said.

It will take six to seven months to get fully operational, but now they’re making their way through the beer side. They will be doing a massive sell-off of their current stock of beer.

Starting in April, they will release three new labels — the Southern Lager, the Northern Pilsner (replaces North), and an IPA, Eastern IPA keeping with the theme of the directions on a compass.

Photo credit: Laurie Weir.

In the summer, they’ll launch the Western Pale Ale.

“In the fall we’ll be coming out with a new coffee stout,” Daren said. “There is a coffee stout now but we have changed the recipe – it’s a creamier, heavier Guinness style beer, but with a nice coffee finish.”

Hill 70 (a Belgian blond), is already available at LCBO locations, may be joined in the fall with the coffee stout and either a radler or a strawberry blond lager. That will be chosen through a taste test, Daren said.

“We’re hoping the customers can help us decide,” he said.

Nick Ritchie and Andrew Howard started 4 Degrees Brewing 12 years ago. In a Facebook farewell, the duo’s journey was to bring craft beer to the people of Smiths Falls. “Working with fantastic local partners, supporting our community charities and launching beers that reflect the local landscape and history,” they posted.

“Too many people to thank over the years but just a few: Thank you Highlanders for the partnership, Rob Roy’s for being the first bar to serve our beer, Andress’ Your Independent for the bonspiels and the Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum for the monthly trivia!”

Ritchie and Howard said over the past dozen years, they’ve been thankful for the support, especially from their team: Chris Haines, Joe Adams, Tim Vandermeer and David Jones. “It’s been a wild ride,” they stated.

“Most importantly, to the people of Smiths Falls, you welcomed us, enjoyed our beer, supported our events and helped us build a stronger community together. It’s time to turn the page, time to take the foundation of this brewery and build upon it. The Tap Room team are amazing new partners and ready to take the craft industry to new heights. New beers, craft distilling and a welcoming space for fun, games, food and tipping a pint! Let’s lift a pint and lend your support to this community focused new leadership team.”

Givoque said there is a beauty to the new tap room, as it will be a tipping place for all their own beers, plus “all kinds of guest taps,” he said. “We only have, at our highest, seven labels, then three RTDs, which gives us a total of 10 options for people, and that gives room for five to six guest taps.”

The goal is to cycle through the taps and always have a variety for people to try – aiming for a complementing brew, not one that competes.

Belanger is working behind the bar, and is on site from noon to 7 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday. The kitchen’s not open yet, but hotdogs are on the menu for $5 each. House beers are $7, and guest taps are $8. Flights are also available – four four-ounce glasses. Frozen drinks will be another option on the bar menu.

For people looking for distribution (kegs for events, for example), call 613-222-8213; for any Tap Room Inc. information, call 613-222-8691. Follow the Tap Room Inc. on their website, or on Facebook for information.

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