Town seeks community input in Beckwith St Phase 2

Beckwith Street
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Posted on: May 11, 2021

Director of Public Works Troy Dunlop brought some updates to Council regarding the Beckwith Street redevelopment project. Phase 1 was completed last fall; a list of deficiencies is being compiled now in order to wrap up overdue tasks.  One final traffic signal pole is slated to be replaced this spring. Mayor Pankow asked Dunlop to elaborate on why this pole hasn’t yet been replaced. Dunlop explained that the pole was bolted “right into the deck of the stone arch bridge; it’s actually on the cantilevered section of the deck. It’s tricky to replace.”  This required the purchase of a custom pole due to its unique base.

Spring landscaping is currently underway along Beckwith Street within Phase 1, from Russell Street to Chambers Street.  Dunlop noted that one tree didn’t survive the winter, while some of the newly-planted trees are “late budders,” likely to bud within a very short time. These young trees will require close attention and care until they are established. 

Phase 2 of the Beckwith Street redevelopment project will get underway this year. The town is seeking public input on Phase 2 via their communication platform Speak Up, Smiths Falls. “We invite the public to look at various features and chime in on the gateway, streetscape, street crossings etc.,” explained Dunlop. He shared that they have seen an increase in comments on Speak Up, Smiths Falls, “which is good.” 

The survey remains active until May 19 at

Article by Janelle Labelle

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