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Tay River Trail
Photo credit: Brian Turner
Posted on: January 13, 2022

Perth’s director of Community Services Shannon Baillon presented plans to extend the Tay River trail in town from Leslie Street, where it currently terminates to an area just behind the County admin buildings. She reported that a portion of this extension crosses Upper Canada School Board property behind Stewart School and their permission would be needed to complete the extension. Councilors approved seeking funding for the extension, estimated to cost $651K through upper level government grants and community donations. Mayor Fenik indicated he would be available to attend a school board meeting to make the request for the use of a portion of their property.

On the same topic, staff brought forward a proposal to install No-Trespassing signs at the entrances to the Perthmore Corridor between Harris Street and Senators Gate. This municipally owned strip of land has been of concern with council lately with complaints from homeowners whose properties back onto the corridor regarding people walking too close or on their property. Late last year, staff presented a proposal to fence the corridor, but a lack of space and costs made that option untenable. The committee turned down the idea of No-Trespassing signs but approved Use-at-Own-Risk signage instead in view of the fact that individual property owners could put their own No-Trespassing signs up on their side of the property line if they wished.

Article by Brian Turner

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