Unsecured needles lead to neighbourhood crisis

Smiths Falls town hall
Smiths Falls town hall. Photo credit: smithsfalls.ca
Posted on: March 16, 2021

During Smiths Falls council meeting Monday night, Councillor Lorraine Allen brought a brief update from the Municipal Drug Strategy Committee which promotes school/community based prevention and harm reduction programs and activities.  

“This last week we had a neighbourhood crisis,” Allen explained: a garbage can containing used needles was hit by a snowplow, and the needles were strewn around the neighbourhood. 

Community Service Officer Aaron Tompkins and a crew of police officers tackled clean-up duty, joined by members of the Municipal Drug Strategy Committee.

Councillor Allen pointed out that there are three community drop off boxes for safe disposal of needles. One box is at the town hall, one is at the health unit, and one is at Lower Reach Park. 

Committee members Ron and Linda Stronski empty them regularly. “They are the safe place to put [needles],” urged Councillor Allen.

Used needles are not permitted in your regular garbage can or in public cans; they may be safely disposed of in the three drop-off boxes provided by the Committee.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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