What has befallen Inge-Va?

Inge-Va Perth
Photo submitted.
Posted on: October 7, 2020

During Tuesday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Perth town council discussed correspondence received from concerned citizen Lynda Haddon. Haddon pointed out the dilapidated state of Inge-Va, a heritage building in Heritage Perth. Council agreed that Inge-Va seems deserted and overrun, and pointed out that Ontario Heritage Trust is supposed to be looking after that property. Shannon Baillon, Director of Community Services, noted that she has been in contact with Ontario Heritage Trust, and has forwarded Haddon’s letter to them so they can see first hand the concerns of Perth’s citizens. Perth staff will keep the matter in mind, and will investigate further, pending response from Ontario Heritage Trust.

Inge-Va is a Georgian stone home that was built in 1823, donated to the Ontario Heritage Trust in 1974, and was most recently restored in 1995.  Its fascinating history includes the fact that Robert Lyon, wounded in the Last Fatal Duel in Upper Canada, died in Inge-Va in 1833.

Article by Janelle Labelle