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Posted on: July 11, 2022

Self-published children’s book author Natasha Peterson, is excited to present her newest book, Zoo’s News. Like her previous stories, Zoo’s News has a lesson that can be learned by the animal characters, which can be transferred to the lives of the children reading these stories.  Zoo’s News introduces the harm that rumours can cause between friends.

Shhhh, there is a secret going around at the zoo. Have you heard the latest news? The secret is spreading quickly, but the problem is, everyone is hearing it differently!!! Despite the story having a happy ending, silly illustrations, and fun rhyming text, this book gently introduces the harm that can happen when a little misheard secret transforms into a string of incorrect rumours. Will the rumours at the zoo pull the group of friends apart, or can the relationships be saved?

There will be a book launch for the new book on Saturday July 30th at 1:30 pm at the library. A reading and light refreshments will be served.

Natasha Peterson writes for her own company, Polar Bear Press, and has always loved writing rhyming stories for children. Zoo’s News is Natasha’s 7th book. She has paired up with illustrator Nafia Arshad for her latest book. Natasha’s previous books include: Gayle the Goose Goes Global, Nutty Neighbours, Harold the Homeless Hermit, Polar Bear Pete’s Perfect Performance, Grady the Grasshopper Graduates, and Gayle the Goose helps Presley the Perplexed Platypus.   The first three listed above are all Canada Book Award winners.

In addition to her self-published books, Natasha has eleven different poems published in various anthologies by a variety of publishers.  These poems include: Someone’s Always Watching which won an Award of Excellence with the Poetry Institute of Canada, and Ladybug which won a RunnerUp Award with the Ontario Poetry Society’s Ultra Short Poetry Contest

More information about the book and upcoming events can be found on her website: www.polarbearpress.com and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/polarbearpress

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