Lanark County supports request to change cannabis rules

Posted on: October 30, 2020

On Wednesday, Oct 28, Lanark County council held its regular meeting as well as its Economic Development committee and Public works committee sessions. These committees are comprised of all members of county council.  At the Economic Development committee meeting, members reviewed a letter to the federal government from the municipality of Blandford-Blenheim, near Kitchener. That township was asking for changes to prevent large scale cannabis growing operations from starting up without first notifying the jurisdiction they were to be located in and to ensure they followed all the rules and regulations to protect neighbouring property owners’ rights. Some of these grow-ops had obtained federal approval and did not meet local zoning or land-use regulations. County councilor and Beckwith Reeve Richard Kidd supported this appeal for change and urged his council to write a similar letter to the federal government.

Article by Brian Turner

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2 thoughts on “Lanark County supports request to change cannabis rules

  1. Georges Routhier

    What a waste of time! All council has to do is a little reading to find out all they ask for is a prerequisite from Health Canada. You must be zoned correctly and be able to prove it for Cannabis. You must notify LEO, Local counsel, and EMS prior to sending in an application. You need to follow all local requirements no matter how ill-thought-out they are. Do your job counsel try reading. By the way, cannabis is recognized as an agriculture crop you can’t stop it!

    1. Georges Routhier

      They are mixing MMAR and commercial licenses together and this just confuses everyone even more. They are two different programs with two very different sets of rules. Give me a call I’ll explain then you can write a more effective letter.

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