The Cove Country Inn Westport; One of the best reasons to take a country drive

Cove Country Inn food
Photo credit: Brian Turner.
Posted on: June 18, 2018

Brian Turner

Usually when I visit a restaurant or diner to complete a review I’m accompanied by my partner and it’s just the two of us enjoying an evening or afternoon out. But a good test of any food service facility is their ability to handle larger tables with multiple orders and separate cheques. On a recent sunny Saturday my extended family (in-laws and outlaws totaling 8) visited the Cove Country Inn in Westport and the food and service were both great.

Operating a year-round business in Westport is a challenge. This picturesque town is a buzz of activity throughout spring, summer and fall (with a large number of festivals and special events) but in the winter it’s a different tale. The ownership team and management at the Cove Country Inn has certainly met the challenge and have found innovative ways to bring diners and those seeking relaxation and entertainment no matter what month the calendar is turned to. They offer wine dinners (with accommodation packages), holiday special events, live music (in the middle of the week as well as weekends), roast beef and Chinese food buffets.

The dining room at the Cove Country Inn is large but warm and inviting thanks to a well thought out rustic décor which includes a large fireplace. Patrons can choose to sit by a large wall of windows looking out over the water.

Because our visit predated the spring/summer menu (and like most great diners the menu changes with seasonal availability) we ordered from the all-day comfort carte and weren’t disappointed. The added benefit of bringing a larger group to dine is you can get opinions on a greater variety of dishes. Our table’s lunches came out all at the same time in included pub fare favourites such as fish and chips, burgers, beef dip, roasted turkey press, fresh winter salad, and wraps among others. A ‘fresh plate’ option from the children’s menu kept our three-year old busy and satisfied.

The breads for the sandwiches were hearty, fresh, and just the right consistency. Sides of veggies weren’t overcooked the way many diners serve, and fries were fresh-cut, with crisp outers and flavourful inners without being too oily. Our meats were tender and moist without any overbearing saltiness. Portions were generous and a large bar contained a better than expected selection of libations including some great beers and ales. Even though we visited on an off-season day, the dining room was busy with both locals and visitors alike.

Prices were reasonable given the quality and amounts served. Pub fare apps range from $6-$16, mains from $14-$17 and salads from $8-$12. They’re open at 11:30am each day and closings range between 8 pm and 9 pm for the spring session. Extended hours come in the summer. There are gluten-free options for most menu items. They’re located a 2 Bedford St in Westport and are really almost impossible to miss. You can reach them at 613-273-3636 and reservations are suggested for special event evenings. You can check out their menus, entertainment schedule, and be tempted by stay and dine packages at